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The Page Sisters is a book club for open minded free-thinkers who love literature, poetry, and essays with a message. Our mission is to learn, listen, and expand our minds. We absorb thoughts and ideas that make us open and accepting to the struggles of others. We explore cultures outside of our own to better grasp new perspectives on living and the necessary freedoms of all people on this earth.  Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope to share what we’ve learned with you!

-The Page Sisters

To Be Or Not To Be- A Page Sister

We are happy to recruit anyone who shares the above desire to better themselves through reading. Or start your own “Chapter” in your area and contribute each month with your experiences and thoughts. We do have guidelines necessary to be considered A Page Sister. They are as follows:


  • Read the selected book each month by the date designated. One week before meeting, the sister who chose the book creates a list of talking points and questions to share with the group.
  • While reading each book, members must underline any words they would like to add to the vocabulary list. These are not just words we don’t know but words we may want to use more in our daily lives. Write these down with definitions to be posted to the blog.
  • While reading each book, members must underline any excerpts that stand out to them. These will also be added to the blog.
  • Write a note on the inside cover of the book and sign it ‘The Page Sisters” along with your underlined words and quotes.  Leave the book for someone to find in a public location.
  • Perform an act of kindness inspired by the message of the book.  Keep this act to yourself to ensure its genuineness and keep The Page Sisters a humble club.
  • Members can make suggestions to new books or share new ideas by emailing us through the contacts page.


The Founders


Abigail Duncan wanted to start a book club for years. Every one she found around her was focused on books that didn’t have the depth she was craving. She decided to start her own and invite serious readers who were looking to better themselves through the pages of a book. She found just that in her soul sister, Nicole Baker. From across the country they brainstormed and created the guidelines for The Page Sisters. They meet every month on Skype, whenever possible in person, and share cat pictures in-between.

Abbey (or BB) resides in Northern New Jersey with her husband and 2 cats, Ulysses “Boogieman” Baker & Dylan “Doodlebug” Duncan. Her passion for reading started at a young age when she would steal books from her fathers library to add to her own collection. She enjoys making things beautiful and is a stylist of sorts, from decorating her own home, designing parties, arranging bouquets, or merchandising stores.

Her philosophy in life is everything happens for a reason & everything will work out for the better. Trust in the universe and it will provide.

If she could have any power in the world, it would be to have the eloquence of a skilled poet. BB finds power in words and the ability to use your words for good, to create beauty, and to spark the fire of emotion from the embers of her readers. (That was her best attempt.)


Nicole Baker always romanticized the idea of a book club, but never found one that could get her jazzed up enough to commit. In June 2017, Nicole had a magical visit with her soul sister, Abigail, at her home in New Jersey. It was so full of deep chats, long drives, delicious eats, gorgeous nature, a self-taught yoga sesh & a stop at the local crystal shop. They felt INSPIRED & this laid the foundation upon which The Page Sisters flourished. If only they lived adjacent to each other, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing their passion for literature & amelioration of themselves + the world around them.

Nicole is an artist, printmaker, illustrator, SF native, music zealot, animal lover, Francophile, proud former Seattleite, expert whistler, food & libation enthusiast and competent juggler. She lives in a tiny apartment in San Francisco with her husband, Louis, and their cat baby, Gracie. She also runs her stationery, art & textile business, Foreignspell, out of said teeny weeny apartment. The inspiration for her work comes primarily from song lyrics, food & nature. Each item is hand-pressed one-by-one from hand-illustrated, hand-lettered, hand-burnished, hand-carved & hand-inked stamps made by her. She uses locally-sourced & earth-friendly materials. Each print is unique & customizable. She also creates custom designs at Dependable Letterpress.

Her philosophy on life used to be to have low expectations, that way you are always pleasantly surprised. Now, her philosophy is to demand the ideal. Jon Lovett put it perfectly, “Being too cynical and pleasantly surprised is not more sophisticated than being too idealistic and disappointed.”

If she could have any power in the world, it would be to fly (because, duh.) OR breathe underwater so she can try to find out if mermaids truly exist.


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