Fresher Designs!


I'll let them speak for themselves! Happy Friday & see you Monday!


Fresh Designs!


More to come in the very near future!!!!

Wedding Detail Wednesday!

Not much time to say what is necessary about my wedding stationery suite, as I have to prepare full card decks for 6 new sales reps around the US, but here are some pretty pictures! I'll post a thorough chat about them later. Hope you enjoy!

Oregon Love Fest


Yo! I am so excited and want to share with you some great news that you may have noticed swirling around on my Insta : Foreignspell's got itself a sales rep in Oregon. Her name is Nina, she's been in the biz for a long time and is just super awesome. What does this mean for us Oregonians, you ask? You will start seeing Foreignspell stuffs pop up in some of your favorite shops! Check out some new designs I've made just for the occasion. Any song or Oregony requests, just send me a comment and I will make it happen!

Check back later to see them in all their colorful glory!