Come Sail Away With Me Greeting Card

Come Sail Away With Me Greeting Card
Come Sail Away With Me Greeting Card
a mosaic of hand-carved stamps in many different colors and designs. made by hand and inspired by song lyrics.
foreignspell back of card design and many colorful envelopes


the only version of this song I truly adore is cartman's rendition from south park. it's the first time I heard the song & fell instantly in love - with the song & cartman (even though he's a total prick). please, please listen asap if you haven't. I think it still holds up. it's only a little more annoying than I remember. that CD was so freaking good. the design has absolutely nothing to do with south park, sadly. it features a silver foil anchor adorned with red & pink flowers above a blue ombré ocean with starfish, a lil fish blowing bubbles & a distant sailboat. 

Format A2, 4.25×5.5"
Material thick, smooth, sexy eco-friendly paper + recycled colorful envelopes + compostable cello sleeve
Process hand-crafted then digitally printed at a local, family-owned shop
Features blue fade sea with a silver anchor wrapped in flowers. she shines!
Inspiration styx - come sail away
Envelope red, blue, pink &/or turquoise - cardtender's whimsy
Origin made in california, USA