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I'll Take Care Of You Greeting Card

I'll Take Care Of You Greeting Card
I'll Take Care Of You Greeting Card
foreignspell back of card design and many colorful envelopes
a mosaic of hand-carved stamps in many different colors and designs. made by hand and inspired by song lyrics.
so the inspiration for this design was a cartoon I remembered seeing growing up where there's an avalanche & a saint bernard triumphantly rescues one of the beloved looney tunes' leads. I definitely recolored it in my mind. what really happens is there's an avalanche, yes, but instead of the saint bernard saving yosemite sam, he makes HIMSELF a martini & runs off to leave popsicle yosemite for dead. give this card to a person you would not leave for dead in icicle form. give this card to a person who inspires you to make TWO martinis (one for you, one for them)!
Format A2, 4.25×5.5"
Material thick, smooth, sexy eco-friendly paper + recycled colorful envelopes + compostable cello sleeve
Process hand-crafted then digitally printed at a local, family-owned shop
Features a brave st. bernard at the apex of an icy splotched mountain in blues & red
Inspiration beach house - take care
Envelope red, blue &/or turquoise - cardtender's whimsy
Origin made in california, USA