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Let the Good Times Roll Greeting Card

Let the Good Times Roll Greeting Card
Let the Good Times Roll Greeting Card
foreignspell back of card design and many colorful envelopes
a mosaic of hand-carved stamps in many different colors and designs. made by hand and inspired by song lyrics.
I made this card shortly after a trip to new orleans bc I had my very first hurricane. it was oppressively sweet, but truly everything in nola is the best ever. use this mardi gras inspired, block printed hurricane cocktail with a pineapple, cherry & paper umbrella garnish in a yellow, pink & red fade to celebrate the sweet times ahead! also, if you want to see my recommendations for nola, check out my recommendations google doc. are you also obsessed with google docs??? do you have any travel recs you must share?
Format A2, 4.25×5.5"
Material thick, smooth, sexy eco-friendly paper
Process hand-crafted then digitally printed at a local, family-owned shop
Features 3 color fade - red, pink, & yellow
Inspiration shirley & lee - let the good times roll
Envelope red, pink, orange, yellow &/or turquoise - cardtender's whimsy
Origin made in California, USA