Greeting Cards

Go Shawty It's Your Birthday Greeting Card

greeting card made by hand featuring cursive handwritten text that says "go shawty it's your birthday." The "g" in "go" is cursive and connects to a holographic silver and magenta disco ball "o." "shawty" is in a cursive magenta. "it's your" is in a block letter magenta. "birthday" is in a block letter silver." all made from stamps and song lyrics on bright white paper with a complementary colored envelope.
Go Shawty It's Your Birthday Greeting Card
foreignspell back of card design and many colorful envelopes
a mosaic of hand-carved stamps in many different colors and designs. made by hand and inspired by song lyrics.

"go, go, go, go go, go, go, shawty / it's your birthday" you'd definitely find this cutie in the club, bottle full of bub! the internet can't do this holographic justice, but trust us - if you brought this to da clerb it would shine. use this holographic foil printed card to wish your friend a happy birthday!

Format A2, 4.25×5.5"
Material thick, smooth, sexy eco-friendly paper
Process hand-crafted then the machines took over
Features 4 colors + holographic rainbow foil. she shines!
Inspiration 50 cent - in da club
Envelope purple, pink, green &/or turquoise - cardtender's whimsy
Origin Made in USA, Bay Area, CA