Yas Kween Greeting Card 6-Pack Inspired By Music

hand-lettered block letters that say yas kween with different patterns in turquoise, pink and yellow in the style of broad city
the words yas kween in a turquoise, pink and yellow fade hand-lettered with patterns then block printed by foreignspell
Yas Kween Greeting Card 6-Pack Inspired By Music
Back of card design and envelope colors

for those who love their gals as much as Ilana loves Abbi's butt. share this enthusiastic card with a friend who impresses the hell out of you on a daily basis. OR who just had a monumental life moment. OR just crossed your mind & simply made you have to shout "yas kween!" typography & colorway inspired by the opening credits of the bodacious show Broad City. "side effects include but are not limited to, YAS QUEEN!"

Material thick, smooth, sexy eco-friendly paper
Process hand-crafted then digitally printed at a local, family-owned shop
Features she comes in colors! a mix of 3 of them!
Inspiration rupaul - pharmarusical
Envelope yellow, pink &/or turquoise - cardtender's whimsy