DAY 1 | SF > Kennewick, WA

Can't believe it's already been a week since we returned from our amazing honeymoon adventure! I'm excited to share our journey and travel recommendations with you. Here are some essentials I could not have done without :

Harry Potter Audiobooks (Year 1 - 4) - it was incredible to re-enter the wizarding world in a new way and it made the ride feel even more magical.
99% Invisible - we listened to a lot of podcasts (Song Exploder, How Did This Get Made, This American Life, Hound Tall + more), but 99PI is our favorite! The episodes are relatively short, but pack a knowledge wallop. 
Bear Spray - never had to use it on a bear, praise Jeebus, BUT it offered some peace of mind in the National Parks. If you are entering bear country, make sure you have a can.
Multipurpose Headband - SO awesome. My sister-in-law gifted me this for my birthday and it saved me! It's perfect for all climates. Best of all : it keeps bugs out of your ears!!! 
Pack Towel - another crazy awesome gift from my best friend, Erika. It was perfect for travel since it dries super fast and folds up real tight.
CamelBak - my mom got me a CamelBak years ago and it's been one of my favorite things! It makes staying hydrated on the trail simple and easy.

Here are some pictures from the day we left! My dad surprised us while we were packing up the car!

The roof bag didn't last long. We had to pull over within SF city limits to remove it since it was making such a racket. SO annoying! We tried all the troubleshooting tips, but nothing helped. We used it to conceal items in the backseat, so it wasn't a total waste. 

For our wedding back in 2014, I made a photo booth prop that was never found in the rainy chaos of our big day. It was super fun getting to use it on our honey moon!!!! Here's our first pit stop.

And obligatory road shots.

I made sure to FINALLY get my permit before leaving for the trip. I drove the most on this day, clocking in at 3 hours. I no longer scream around turns! Success! Louis really was a champ the entire trip. He drove an incomprehensible number of hours. Must have been the fuel of Jim Dale reading unabridged Harry Potter!

Next stop : Glacier NP!


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