Letterpress Printed Paper Hugs for Valentine's Day!

Can't think of much cuter than lil letterpress printed animal booties! I'm super excited about this collaboration with Dependable Letterpress & Sweet Tarnation for their shop Quion & Key! I helped create the concept, illustrations and some copy!

We've got Platonic Paper Hugs >>>

letterpress printed valentine's with animal butts

Looking for a way to tell your special people you wish you could hug their guts out this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a card for the folks in your life that you can’t be with just yet, but you want to make sure they know just how special they are. This card is a throwback to the tear-and-give cards from grade school with an added bonus of being a replacement for the hugs you can’t give in person.

& Romantic Paper Hugs >>>

romantic letterpress printed valentine's cards with animal butts

If you’re searching for a way to send hugs to someone you like (or love) this Valentine’s Day, you’re in the right place! This playful card harkens back to the tear-and-give cards we all remember from grade school, updated with a teasing adult twist. What better way to feel closer to someone than sending a sweet hug (or 4) their way?

Who do you send gal / pal / valentine's to??? Any fun traditions for the lovely day???



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