Free Gratitude Cards for Essential Workers

GIVEAWAY | if you work in an essential industry, these are yours OR if you know someone in one of the many invaluable industries saving all of our lives right now, please share this post w them so I can send these their way OR if you know someone in an industry & want to mail them a pack yourself, we can do that too.

proud to work with you cards

I want to help people express gratitude to the heroes standing with them through all of this.

DM me the quantity you want & your address. they are yours for FREE. no number is too high - I just hand-printed 60 for my incredible sister-in-law, who works in the healthcare industry. she commissioned this design & plans to write letters to all the amazing people going above & beyond at her work.

a little recognition goes a long way. 🦁

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  • I would like to send these to my graduating seniors for them to complete at home as part of their final service project. I am requesting 100

    Martin Woods on

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