DIY Repurposed Tree Ring Aisle Marker

I got married last April and did lots of super fun and easy DIYs that I've been itching to share. Here goes the recipe for DIY Repurposed Tree Ring Aisle Markers >>

What You Need

Tree stumps/rings (We are lucky enough to have a family friend who runs a Christmas Tree Lot. They donated the stumps they collected during the holiday season. If you have a local lot I'm sure they'd be happy to have a place to get rid of theirs!)

Rigid paper (a few sheets)

Scissors and /or exacto knife, blade

Writing tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.)

Spray paint (in your desired wedding, party color(s))

Tablecloth/newspapers (some sort of surface you don't mind getting mucked up)

Gloves (if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, that's totally cool. WARNING: remove your engagement ring. I learned the hard way and nearly ended up with a turquoise sprayed ring on the big day!)

Measure your aisle way so you know exactly how many tree rings you'll need. We placed our rings about a 2 feet one in front of the other.

Create your stencil. Make a few different sizes because it's likely you'll end up with many different sized rings

Choose a simple image. We made hearts, but you can do stars, a flower, a simple monogram. Use your imagination, but make sure it isn't intricate because you'll be cutting it out of the paper

Draw your image

Cut out image

While spraying, work outdoors

Place stencil over appropriately sized tree ring 

Spray - make sure you follow the directions on the can. Do not hold the paint too close to you tree ring or you may over spray and end up with clumps or a runny image

Set out to dry

You did it!!


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