This was by far the most spectacular day for animal watching. It was INSANE!!! We saw pikas, marmots (hilarious little hams), a grizzly bear, mom and baby mountain goats and big horn sheep. One marmot was sitting on a rock yell/squeaking like a little banshee. Another guy was cleaning itself and toppled right over. The third, and greatest, little one hopped out of the bushes and scared me to death. I thought it was a bear. We loved watching it mosey across the trail right in front of us.

The trailhead for Hidden Lake starts just outside the Logan Pass Visitor Center. You MUST do this hike if you find yourself in Glacier NP. 

Here are the photos.

Next stop : Yellowstone NP
UPDATE in 2020 : I had every intention of cataloging each day of our month-long honeymoon, but failed. it will just have to live in our minds forever!


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