For fuel we stopped for breakfast at Loula's Cafe in Whitefish. We had the lemon stuffed french toast and the bighorn. Both AMAZING! Oh and the huckleberry iced tea was wonderful. We walked around the town a bit for some souvenir shopping and worked up a tiny bit of hunger for some froyo. We went to Red Caboose and you should too! It's solid and really cute inside. UPDATE 4/13/2020 : Red Caboose has since closed :(

Then we took our drive on Going-To-The-Sun Road a little further & did the Avalanche Lake trail. That's where we saw our first bear!!!!! Here are the photos.

Then we made a gourmet meal at our campsite! It was the best.
P.S. Check out my bug suit. Didn't get bitten til way later in the trip! Proud!

Next stop : Saying bye to Glacier NP



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