Before each hike, we stopped by the Visitor's Center and consulted a ranger for recommendations (and to get out National Park Passport book stamped). They are such incredible resources. We've found this is the very best way to experience everything we are looking for. Just give your desired duration and some trail features you're looking for. We always asked for about 6 - 8 miles, loop preferred with animal watching and vistas. Not a single stinker of a hike the whole trip!!! They were all so so so perfect!!! 

Our first hike was Apgar Lookout. It was GREAT! Wildflowers & animals all over!!!!!! I was horrified of bears the entire time, but didn't come across one. It was at the trailhead where I accidentally maced us with bear spray. I just wanted to test it, but didn't consider the blow back. We spent the start of the trail coughing and spitting for a while. At the apex of the trail it started pouring! We loved it and had luckily invested in some ponchos thanks to Louis.

We set up camp and took a quick drive on Going-To-The-Sun Road after our hike.

Then grabbed a bite of DELICIOUS elk chili, french dip & a couple mules at Casey's in Whitefish. Highly recommend!

Next stop : MORE Glacier NP


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