Black Lives Matter
It's sickening to even have to assert the fact that Black Lives Matter, but that's where we're at in a society systemically built to oppress the BIPOC community.

We need to vote, learn, listen, donate, sign petitions, defund the police, protest, divest, etc. etc. If you're low on cash, please consider tuning in to this channel:
I've been active on insta working to amplify the voices of people who know far better than I do. Please take a look at my stories to follow along.

I added accounts from some black-owned businesses in the Bay Area & beyond. I used these articles & sites to help :

More lists are coming out every second!

Please also consider banking with a black-owned financial institution. Here's a word from The Simple Dollar:
"There have been many significant initiatives in the past when it comes to supporting Black-owned businesses, but the current Black Lives Matter movement is motivating people to support the Black community in new ways. By banking with Black financial institutions, people can now play their part in reinvesting in the Black community in the U.S. 

In an effort to combat the wealth disparity gap and help people know what steps to take to make the switch to a Black-owned financial institution, our team of experts at created the guide, 19 Black-Owned Banks and How to Support Them — you can check it out below:

Deciding to bank with a Black-owned institution isn’t just about choosing where you keep your money. It’s a way to take a stand against inequality in minority communities that lack financial inclusion and help to push the Black Lives Matter movement forward."
Through the book club I co-founded, The Page Sisters, we will be reading White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Join us!

I also recommend a previous chapter, Between the World & Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. 

Here's are some recommendations from a black-owned bookstore in DC:

What are you doing to help? Is there any way I can join or support you in your efforts?

solidarity forever


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