If you haven't been to STUDIO Gallery in SF yet, please make the trip! The owners are truly incredible. There are no words to describe their awesome eye for curation and their enthusiasm to foster an artist's career. Thanks in part to them I've begun finding the confidence to delve into the fine art side of my career. 

I have 3 pieces in the Make It Work show. Here's the lowdown :

Make It Work
Art inspired by tools, machines & work
May 14th - June 8th, 2015
Opening reception:  Sunday, May 17th, 1-6 pm

Make It Work focuses on art inspired by work:  everyday scenes of people at their jobs, as well as the tools and machines that we use at work.  It's an eclectic mix of still lifes, interior scenes and even a few landscapes and cityscapes.  

Along with the Wizard Typewriter pictured above, I have these 2 other pieces :

Artists in the show include Karen White, Michael Chamberlain, Linda Benenati, Sofia Harrison, Chris Grassano, Leslie Morgan, T. Garrett Eaton, Susan Landor Keegin, Lynette Cook, Jim Rosenau, Laurie Wigham, Erica Norelius, Richard Benbrook, Carolyn Crampton, Marlene Walters, Holly Mathews, Liz Mamorsky, Scott Grabowski, Mercedes Gilbert, 3D-Edddy, Miles Epstein, Wanda Westberg, Ann McMillan, Jeremy Novy, Christina Goh Williams, Rinat Goren, Charles McDevitt, Richard Kane, John Deckert, Jody McMillan, Samantha Tripp, Robert Wu, Margaret Wade, Michael Frank, Tanith Rohe, Julia Cone, Theresa Morgan, Winthrop Prince, Phyllis Rockne, Monica Schwalbenberg-Peña, Nicole Baker, Stephen C. Wagner, Jennifer Mygatt Tatum, Patricia Oji, Kate Barrengos, Carol Allen, Michael Reardon, Maloos Khonsarian, Deanna Fainelli, Brandon Smith and Toby Tover.  We're especially happy to welcome Carla Roth, Kaethe Bealer, John Farnsworth, Candace Loheed, Luis Tinoco, Julie McCray, Paul Kensinger, Elisa Reutinger, Abigail Drapkin and Sean O'Donnell, who are showing with us for the first time.


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