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I graduated from Seattle University in 2008 & got my first post-college job at a local print shop in San Francisco. We popped out of our safe, sweet education bubble straight into the first Great Recession. Despite being emotionally & sexually harassed by my boss regularly, working in a traumatizing neighborhood & suffering the dysfunctional N Judah MUNI line, I felt lucky & grateful to have a job. I remained at this position over 2 years. About a year in, the financial crisis took its toll on the shop & our hours were cut. Mostly out of desperation & worry for my career trajectory, I started MFA studies in Advertising : Art Direction at the Academy of Art University. Here's how I felt about the place :

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Although the program itself was shit, I learned so much! Not because of the teachers or school, but because that's just what happens when you make big change in your life - even when it' doesn't seem "right."

The most important lesson I came away with was that I have fantastic & unique creative problem solving skills. I also fell in love with collaboration & ideation. See below for the campaigns I created while attending AAU. You can tell I was a youngin', but I feel mostly confident in the concepts & execution.

If you're looking for a creative consultant to jump in with enthusiasm & a fresh perspective, look no further!






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