Here's Why I Disappeared!

I've got tonnnnns of exciting new designs to debut! Printmaking is so labor intensive it causes me to go missing for bits at a time. Each image takes me 4+ hours to create and bring to your screen! 

I hope to get back to being in touch regularly, but my husband and I are in the midst of planning our honeymoon! I apologize in advance if I disappear again. In the meantime, I hope you love the new designs!

As always, if you have any song requests - please send them my way!

Delaware, DC & Maryland Love!

Hi! I've been printing away, creating rep kits, getting to know my talented buddies and researching states in new territories. I've only got a second, but here are some illustrations for the Washington D.C. area!

That first one needs some work as a friend pointed out that, coupled with those lyrics, it's insanely phallic. Even standing alone it is something of a wiener-pyramid, but we'll see!

Any regional images or song lyrics you've really gotta see?? Let me know and I will make it happen!

Fresher Designs!


I'll let them speak for themselves! Happy Friday & see you Monday!


Fresh Designs!


More to come in the very near future!!!!

Wedding Detail Wednesday!

Not much time to say what is necessary about my wedding stationery suite, as I have to prepare full card decks for 6 new sales reps around the US, but here are some pretty pictures! I'll post a thorough chat about them later. Hope you enjoy!